To me absurdity is the only reality.

Visual artist, Vera Vuksanović  was born on 12 of March in Belgrade, Serbia. Being a Pisces since 1988, gave her abilities like:

Desire to get lost.

Solitude to dream in.

Sensitive imagination.

Intuitive craving for Unworldly.

First 12 years of her life she spent in Moscow, Russia, were she went to a Russian school, wearing her communist uniform. Raising between Eastern Europe ethics and Russian Fairy Tales postulates, affected on her later life and art observations.

After moving back to Belgrade and finishing her high school, began a Nomadic Phase Experience, which led her living in cities like London, New York,  Bangkok, Milan.

During those ‘stays’ she was capturing the moments and being captured, as she worked as a model.

She graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Digital Arts and New Media Communication in 2012.

After those degrees, she decided to reform her education and went to a Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences in Bangkok, were she certified her knowledge  for the Reiki healing.

Her art disclose connection between concept and documentary briefs while discovering a new language of still life and  cryptological communication whiting it.

Life, as she sees it, carries only things that are full of absurdities and it is rich of meaningless sparks. That’s the main target of her consideration.

To catch those moments she uses Neon, Light Boxes or Just Simple Words.